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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 803 – Obtaining the Lotus of Awakening unbecoming shy
“Don’t be concerned, we’re both perfectly high-quality,” Su Yang believed to her with a laugh on his experience as he retrieved a wood container and enclosed the Lotus of Awakening interior.
“I am only carrying this out out from pity,” Su Yang reacted with the unanticipated response. “Five continents segregated from the Jade Water and without a chance to satisfy the other. I just now think that performing one thing about it.”
“I will undertake it personally.” Su Yang claimed since he casually walked in front of the Lotus of Awakening before squatting down and hitting for doing this regarding his bare arms.
“Needless to say. You should, follow me.”
Dual Cultivation
When they arrived at the site, Su Yang emitted a few of his farming, constructing a ripple that swept the location.
“Y-You… Are you all right? What about the Lotus of Awakening?” Ning Menghua expected him by using a amazed phrase on the encounter.
Dual Cultivation
“Y-You… Are you okay? Have you thought about the Lotus of Waking up?” Ning Menghua expected him using a amazed manifestation on the deal with.
Su Yang nodded and said, “It’s been per week. Have you verify whether or not the Divine-standard farming approach is serious?”
Section 803 – Obtaining the Lotus of Waking up
Sometime in the future, Su Yang still left the Upper Continent with Lian Li and Xiao Rong, going back to the Eastern Country.
Ning Menghua nodded her mind and stated, “Certainly, we now have validated how the way is indeed actual just after tests it for a week. Compared to the Immortal-standard farming procedure that we’ve specific our complete existence to, the Divine-quality cultivation strategy is on another amount and at least 2 times as potent and productive.”
“Because you realize that the process is authentic, as claimed, I will be making the Lotus of Waking up to acquire the farming procedure now,” Su Yang thought to them.
A couple of minutes down the road, they come to this large back garden somewhere from the courtyard.
Some moments down the road, two familiarized results, Ning Menghua and her husband Ning Hao came up outside to welcome them.
The Ning few stared at him with surprised expressions, evidently in disbelief.
“Su Yang! How was your holiday? Did you get any of the compounds on the list?” Xie Xingfang asked him.
Su Yang nodded and explained, “Very inexpensive. Then I shall go back in certain a few months, delivering sufficient time to debate and are avalable with a conclusions using the many others.”
“R-Really? You’re happy to do something like this without cost? Why? What exactly are your purposes?” Ning Hao requested him, definitely dubious from the total problem.
“If you don’t want any guests on your ground, that’s completely excellent. Even so, this is a very little-time offer that can expire when I leave behind, where there may never be another probability this way down the road.”
“Thanks for understanding,” Ning Menghua bowed to him a little bit.
Su Yang nodded and adhered to them into your constructing.
Ning Menghua nodded her top of your head and reported, “Of course, we certainly have proved the fact that technique is indeed real right after testing it out to obtain a few days. Compared to the Immortal-class cultivation technique that we’ve specialized our entire day-to-day lives to, the Divine-class farming way is on another amount and twice as powerful and successful.”
“I am just only achieving this beyond pity,” Su Yang reacted using an unexpected response. “Five continents separated because of the Jade Seas and without the power to connect with each other. I recently feel like carrying out some thing concerning this.”
“The Lotus of Waking up can be a particular value that can not be gathered ordinarily. Have you figured out the best way to harvest it, or can i attract the pro who usually manages it?” Ning Menghua expected him soon after showing him the Lotus of Awakening that has been planted in the midst of your garden and protected using a small formation.
“I am just only this process outside of pity,” Su Yang reacted by having an unanticipated respond to. “All 5 continents segregated by the Jade Seas and without the opportunity to fulfill each other well. I really feel as if accomplishing something about this.”
“Y-You… Have you been all right? Have you thought about the Lotus of Waking up?” Ning Menghua inquired him using a surprised manifestation on the facial area.
“And like I’d explained, it is optionally available, when you don’t want to visit the other continents, I’ll just depart the Northern Country from it.”
The Ning few stared at him with astonished expression, evidently in disbelief.
Su Yang nodded then proceeded to describe to these people relating to the teleportation development.
After the instant of silence. Ning Menghua questioned, “I-When you don’t imagination me requesting, how can this do the job? How can we move to one other continents without crossing the Jade Ocean? That looks difficult.”
“Su Yang! How was your trip? Would you get any one of the compounds listed?” Xie Xingfang requested him.
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Just after going back to the Eastern Country, Su Yang initial stopped at Snowfall Community to go to the Xie Friends and family.
On the other hand, to her amaze, Su Yang managed not only to seize as well as yank the Lotus of Awakening away from the terrain almost like it had been unique, almost like he was tugging out gra.s.s or something that is identical.
And she ongoing, “While we are the ruler of this continent, we do not individual every component of ground with this position, and we also must perceive the other families’ thoughts before we arrive at a conclusions.”
Su Yang nodded and reported, “It’s been one week. Would you validate no matter if the Divine-class farming strategy is authentic?”
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Soon after going back to the Eastern Continent, Su Yang primary ended at Snowfall Location to go to the Xie Family.
After having a minute of silence. Ning Menghua required, “I-For those who don’t imagination me requesting, how will this do the job? Just how can we travel to other continents without traversing the Jade Sea? That would seem difficult.”
Su Yang nodded using a look on his deal with, “Yes, we had been able to obtain all 5 from the nine treasures necessary to produce the Dietary supplement of Rebirth. It couldn’t go any more effective, and also I am surprised at the end result.”
Nevertheless, to her big surprise, Su Yang maintained to not only take hold of and also yank the Lotus of Awakening from the terrain just like it was subsequently exclusive, much like he was pulling out gra.s.s or something identical.
A short while later on, they reach this sizeable back garden somewhere within the courtyard.

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